ExordiumGames’ Agenda Released!

Great news! Exordium Games, an upcoming Indie studio founded in 2014, has recently released its newest game “Agenda” on Steam! Available on PC/Mac/Linus, check out this strategy simulation game where the player aims to achieve world domination! (Now, who doesn’t want that?) Control your own secret organization and complete as many covert operations as it takes to complete your goal. The more steps achieved, the more influence in different regions lay in your hands. With enough power, chances for success will be in close range! Anything goes in achieving what you desire- bribery, fraud, and assassinations. To top it all off, players can unlock super weapons that provide special abilities like reducing agency exposure that make taking over the world seem more like a piece of cake.




“Agenda‘s pursuit for limitless power fuels a thrilling heist on a global scale,” said Andrej Kovacevic, game director, Exordium Games.



Here’s a bonus! Until September 28th, get Agenda for 10% off on steam! Let us all know what you think of the game in the comments below!


Check out the trailer:



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