EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT – New Character Coming to Marooners

A brand new character will be marooning onto the scene with a new update for the hit multiplayer party game Marooners. Many of our readers will hopefully remember that some DKC Gaming writers (including myself) got to play Marooners at PAX East. The game contains six different characters, or “marooners,” at the time of writing this announcement piece. I’m happy to say that DKC Gaming is the first news source to publicly break the announcement of the next new Marooners character!

New Marooners Character
Meet Chumpi!

Like a tribal headhunter, Chumpi will fit right in with the gang of vikings, scuba divers, hoity-toity fancywomen, and more that comprise the existing “Marooners” (the characters…in the game). Like all other characters in Marooners, Chumpi will also change appearance depending on which color the player selects for him to be, seen below –

chumpi gif

Along with this DKC Gaming exclusive, Dr.Kendo of the YouTube channel DrKendoCommentaries (hey, that’s me!) has created the character in the Scribblenauts Unlimited object editor; view below, and enjoy playing as the new Marooners character, Chumpi!



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