Everything New That We Learned From the Nintendo Switch Presentation Live

Nintendo did it big, as they often do when it comes to hyping a highly-anticipated console or title release, with the live Nintendo Switch Presentation on January 12th, 2017. During the hour-long presentation, The Big N detailed some key basics about the Switch console and games, while also answering some very pressing questions about said Switch topics. Without further delay, let’s see what we learned from the Nintendo Switch Presentation:

Nintendo Switch Presentation

Launch, Pricing, etc.

The Nintendo Switch will be launching on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 for a retail price of $299.99 USD. This is earlier in March than I presumed it would be, and the price point matches the Wii U’s launch price (although the Deluxe Wii U bundle was $50 more, or $349.99).

Nintendo Switch Presentation price

Nintendo’s Online will become Pay-to-Play

The Nintendo Switch Presentation did give way to a few pieces of bad news, one of them being the online services for the system. Switch users will be able to try out Nintendo’s online services during a trial period after launch, with the normal paid model rolling out to all users in Fall 2017. Using a smart device application that communicates directly with the Switch, players will be able to take advantage of online services beyond just multiplayer gaming. Features such as inviting friends to play online, setting play appointments, and chatting with friends are the examples that were given during the Nintendo Switch Presentation. Additional details pending for a later date.

It’s also worth noting: the Nintendo Switch software will not be region locked.

Sharing the Joy

The Nintendo Switch console is sharing DNA with all past Nintendo consoles and handhelds. For example, SNES added X and Y buttons (among others), Nintendo 64 introducing the world’s first analog stick and the Rumble Pack, a carrying handle on the GameCube, touch-screen of Nintendo DS, Wiimote’s motion controller, and many others.

Battery life was said to be dependent on the game being played, but will range from 2 and a half hours to 6 hours. A USB Type-C connection will allow players to use an adapter with portable batteries for charging on-the-go. Up to 8 Nintendo Switches can be connected in the same local multiplayer session.

Nintendo Switch Presentation Joy-con

Nintendo credited the Joy-con controllers for allowing the Switch to be played in 3 different ways: attached to the Joy-con Grip as you play on a TV, taking the Switch portably and playing with the two separate Joy-cons detached like a Wiimote, and playing with multiple players each holding their own Joy-con. Each Joy-con’s analog stick can be pressed like a button; the Joy-con R (right) has the X, Y, A, & B face buttons, the Home Button, and an NFC scanner that can read and write amiibo data, etc. The Joy-con L (left) has the “share” button, which allows users to take screenshots and share with friends on social media, with video-sharing coming in the future. Each Joy-con includes an accelerometer and gyro-sensors, making motion control possible. There are two buttons on the inner edge of the Joy-con controllers, not only securing it when attached to the Switch or Grip, but also acting as L and R shoulder buttons. “Share the Joy” by handing a Joy-con controller to a friend, as both of them can be used as a single full controller in multiplayer games. Both Joy-con controllers will have a Joy-con Strap that can be attached like the Wiimote wrist-strap. The right Joy-con, specifically, has a Motion IR camera that can sense the shape, motion, and distance of objects in front of it. It’s even smart enough to tell if you’re making a rock, paper, or scissors with your hands. Both Joy-cons can also convey rumbling at specific parts of the controller; i.e., like one ice cube in a glass at the very bottom, or multiple ice cubes being added to the cup higher and higher up. This new HD Rumble feature makes precision feeling specific targeted actions possible.

But guess what…

Nintendo Switch Presentation Color Joy-cons

There are also options for other colors available for the Joy-con! Neon Blue and Neon Red will be available at launch for those who wish to go with a non-grey alternative.

1-2 Switch

There’s a game that everyone can play together, according to Nintendo, and that game is called 1-2 Switch!

Nintendo Switch Presentation 1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch lets you enjoy the expressiveness of the Joy-con’s HD Rumble, and is a brand new kind of game that mixes up gameplay like never seen before. The game can be played without looking at a screen of any kind, but by looking directly into the eyes of the opposing player. Oh no, I have to awkwardly stare at my competition… face-to-face interaction will get you out of your protective social bubble.

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Combining Sock ’em Boppers and Stretch Armstrong (90s kids, I got you) in the virtual gaming world, ARMS looks to be some intense fighting fun!

Nintendo Switch Presentation ARMS

With a Joy-con in each hand, ARMS will read your motions to perform punches that are launched out like in a shooting game. Dodges, blocks, and hook punches can also be performed based on different motions. The game will release in Spring 2017.

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Splatoon 2 (Spla2n)

In one of the most exciting moments of the Nintendo Switch Presentation, fans were given a nice dose of Splatoon action with the answer to some questions from Nintendo’s Switch introduction video back in October. For example, one thing we were all wondering: was the Splatoon footage from October’s preview of a brand new Splatoon title, or just a port with extra features being brought to Nintendo Switch? Well now we know, Splatoon 2 (what I’ve been code-naming “Spla2n” for the longest time now) is officially a brand new Splatoon game for the Nintendo Switch, releasing in Summer 2017.

Nintendo Switch Presentation Splatoon 2
We even got a look at me in the trailer 😉

The Inklings can now dual-wield weapons, propel themselves for rolling dodges, and super-jump to other Inklings with the directional D-pad buttons. New weapons, gear, and stages are also welcome features.

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Super Mario Odyssey

That Mario platformer that we saw in Nintendo’s Switch preview video from October was finally expanded upon in the live Nintendo Switch Presentation. Super Mario Odyssey is the game’s name, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Nintendo Switch Presentation Super Mario Odyssey

Odyssey this coming (get it?), to be honest, but Mario can throw his hat for a few varying purposes; almost makes him like the “Oddjob” of old 007 legend. Our plumber friend can also roll like Sonic the Hedgehog, wall-jump between two walls, dive like an Olympian, ride a sphinx-like Lion, and shiver on cold nights. Mario will be doing all of this, and more, when the game launches in Holiday 2017.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and other 3rd Party Titles

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 got a small sliver of attention, while other 3rd party titles were also announced to be in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Presentation Xenoblade 2

Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, and Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 were all confirmed, along with project Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem Warriors, Project Sonic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Minecraft, NBA 2k 18, and Fifa.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Amazing. When you thought the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild couldn’t get any better, the beautiful soundtrack and epic story dialog shown in the newest trailer delivers that much more.

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It certainly was an amazing hour, and we are very excited to see what the Nintendo Switch has in store for us next!



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