Epistory: Typing Chronicles (Review)

In such a competitive industry, it’s a real struggle for game developers to make a game that stands out in a sea of countless other games. Thanks to those at Fishing Cactus, however, DKCGaming had the honor to review a game that is truly unique, creative, and fun. That game is Epistory: Typing Chronicles. Let’s get right into the details!


The Concept:

Epistory takes place in a gorgeous origami-like world where a writer loses inspiration and needs the help of a muse to rekindle the writer’s imagination for a brilliant story. The player starts out as a young girl riding on a Red Fox, stating that the strange land they are in seems familiar. As you continue to explore the ever expanding world around, a whole new adventure appears! You’ll find yourself discovering not only bigger parts of the overall plot, but unique monsters and quests to conquer!


Game Features:

Epistory’s game mechanics are a large factor in setting this game apart from all the other atmospheric Indie Games around on Steam. Instead of the typical game mechanics, players pass through the different stages and fight enemies by typing out different words and phrases. How’s that for a new “type” of game? Additionally, the game offers players a choice between moving their character with the usual w-a-s-d, or a new set of controls created for more “optimal” typing throughout the game. Whichever way you decide to play the game, definitely be prepared to get those fingers moving! You’ll have to be quick and test your typing skills in order to get through some of the later levels.


Overall Thoughts:

As a whole, there’s nothing I like better than seeing game developers experiment past the modern gaming norms and making something truly unique. The idea of typing as a form of interaction really entices me, and the beautiful graphics(+appropriate music) only enhances that feeling. Overall, I really enjoyed exploring the world of Epistory, however, I also acknowledge that this game may not be every gamer’s cup of tea. For those that may not be quick “typers”, or have a developed typing practice, this game may become a little frustrating to complete. I’ll admit, I personally can be a bit of a slow typer under pressure. It hindered my ability to complete the game quickly, but I still enjoyed the refreshing gaming style nonetheless. One could, on the other hand, use this game as a way to enrich their own typing skills, thus eliminating the issue there. At the end of the day, the only thing keeping this game from reaching a 10 is that the early access is still just that: early access. A story rich game cannot be completely judged until the ending of the story is panned out and completed. Some argue that the ending is paramount, and as a similar believer in that, I must hold off on giving a perfect score until we can see the full potential Epistory: Typing Chronicles has to offer.




Be sure to check out the trailer and see if this game looks good for you! The full game will be released on steam on March 30th for Windows, Mac, and even Linux!




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