Dungeon Punks Review: a Melting Pot of a Game

Take a deep breath and embrace the sights, sounds, and possibly smells of adventure! Nothing says “adventure” like playing as a lizard-man with incredibly long arms and a tiny dagger, or a werewolf/witch hybrid… and what about the Egyptian jackal-like Hierophant?! Well I’d love to bring to your attention a game called Dungeon Punks. Some of the writers here at DKCGaming even had an early chance to check out the game at PAX East 2016 (read our hands-on preview), so it was an exciting opportunity to finally play the game after launch and re-visit all of the joy it brings. Please enjoy our review of this very fun game!

Dungeon Punks Concept

Dungeon Punks is a multiplayer arcade style brawler and role-playing game with a unique tag-team fighting system, set in a fantasy world of magic, mystery, and even corporate greed. Players will recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who will blast through the enemies with unique magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play allows players to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside them at any time. There is mayhem, semi-fast-paced action, and the perfect blend of challenging and intuitive gameplay to make this a well-rounded game.

Dungeon Punks is the epitome of game developers including features they loved from other games and combining it all into one master game of their own.

Dungeon Punks combines our favorite ideas from old-school brawlers, RPGs and fighting games to mash-up the intense tactical play you can get from a great fighter with the joy of trouncing tons of bad guys with devastating magic from RPGs,” said Dan Goldstein, co-founder and developer, Hyper Awesome Entertainment. “The tag-team part of Dungeon Punks really sets the game apart with uniquely equipped heroes that work as a team to create fun and devastating combos. In the end, Dungeon Punks feels like playing a Street Fighter RPG – and that is an incredible thing to play with friends!”

dungeon punks spell casting

Dungeon Punks Key Features

  • Multiplayer-Centric Design: Interactions between party members is paramount. How you use healing potions, power-ups, mounts, rage attacks and decisions about whether to stay or flee, all create a collaborative and ever-changing cooperative dynamic.
  • One-of-a-Kind Tag Team System: The game introduces a unique real-time tag team system that allows each player to control two heroes at once. Tagging in during combat allows you to craft custom combos by chaining together moves and spells from different members of your party, opening up new ways to play.
  • Innovative PVP Battle Arenas: “Joust mode” unlocks unlimited replay-ability via player versus player brawls to the death in every fighting location in the game. Each player gets a tag team of two heroes with separate health and mana, opening up a variety of play styles and strategies for defeating opponents.  The twist: each arena includes a Boss and his minions which you need to use as tactical assets to charge mana and damage your opponents! Dungeon Punks (how many games let you do this)
  • Highly Streamlined RPG: Side quests are also given out by NPCs across the 12 epic levels, and between brawls. Players also have some deep spending choices to make regarding their party’s equipment and spells.
  • Variety of Magical Spells and Team Attacks: Players can learn and upgrade spells and equipment for each party member, allowing players to custom-build their own band of heroes to suit their play style and strategy.
  • Powerful Creatures: Tame and ride powerful creatures like saber tooth cats, gorillas, and laser shooting unicorns. While riding, players can swing their hero’s weapon and control their mount’s special attacks at the same time.
  • Interactive Environments and Hidden Power-Ups: Various objects and interactive features placed throughout rooms introduce surprising, and often unpredictable, ways to take out enemies. Accidentally burning a spider egg-sac can result in an unpleasant surprise, but using lightning on it has quite the opposite effect. Players can discover hidden items around the world ranging from healing potions and enchantments, to electric eel eggs and dragon summoning scrolls.
  • PlayStation® Cross-Buy Compatible: Purchase of PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®Vita version unlocks the digital version on the other platform.

Overall Likes and Dislikes

The Good – This game is amazing at hearkening us back to great old school beat ’em up arcade games, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ classic arcade game or Golden Axe. All of the music, sounds, graphics, and controls are laid out exactly how you would want them if you were building your own perfect adventure brawler RPG. The team over at “Hyper Awesome Entertainment” should definitely be praised for creating a game that could seamlessly fuse all of those genres so flawlessly. Dungeon Punks is definitely a game I could get sucked into for hours; I felt like a happy kid again as I was playing as “Drakken,” the amazing lizard-man character with long arms and a tiny blade. I could not stop saying “I’m gonna cut you so bad” when I played this game around friends, in my own little menacing lizard-man voice; perhaps your experience will differ, but this just goes to show you how much fun you can have with Dungeon Punks.

Dungeon Punks - I'm gonna cut you so bad

The Bads – There are a few components of the game to make small nitpicks at, but it’s important to remember that these are mostly minor things. First of all, it took a decent amount of time before I got comfortable using the item/shop interface, so it’s a system that could use just a bit of streamlining. I also felt that while the controls themselves are good, the mechanics of pulling off a combo with spells and basic attacks was quite arduous and clunky. I would’ve LOVED if I could connect some basic attacks to transition right into a high-powered spell, but it’s actually easier said than done. And if I had only one other complaint, it’s that we don’t really get to know anything too deep about the characters we’re playing as. The story’s plot itself is just above adequate, so don’t expect to find out anything really shocking about the great lizard-man or the werewolf witch (those are just my two favorites… don’t worry, there are 6 different heroes to choose from).

Dungeon Punks - RezCorp: where your death means profit


8 out of 10!!!

Everyone should give Dungeon Punks a try. When I played the game at PAX East, I thought it might not be so fun without my friends playing with me. I am happy to report that while friends can certainly add in a fun dynamic, I still have a blast playing the game on my own. Dungeon Punks is a game that just makes you feel happy, and is definitely worth it if you love adventure games, brawlers, RPGS, or games that remind you of your childhood if you were the type to beg your parents for more quarters at the arcade machines.

Dungeon Punks is available now on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 + Vita for $14.99



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