“Doodle God” (PC) Game Review

As a veteran player of 2011’s “Doodle God” presented in the App Store, I can honestly say it was difficult to contain my excitement for the PC version(now available on Steam)! Doodle God is a game that encompasses human curiosity, strategic thinking, and a puzzle-like atmosphere. You’ll find yourself mixing elements together for hours without realizing the time!

Doodle God

The Concept:

Doodle God’s story is fairly straight forward: There is one “Doodle God” who ultimately creates the world. Starting with only the four basic elements (water, air, earth, and fire), the player takes on the role of the Doodle God to create a world of life and hundreds of new elements! By combining elements together, new ones can be made! With new elements, new environments and technology can be created. The player wields the power of creativity with the flick of a mouse! Additionally, each player has tons of different ways to start the game; what elements are combined and when varies from player to player. It becomes really interesting to see the different paths players take to reach the same end goal!

6 different game modes to play!

Game Features:

The PC version contains all the same features of the App version and more! In this version, we see six game modes and extras:

  • Main Game– This is where the action is! Learn the ropes of the game by combining as many elements as possible!
  • Quests– Additionally game play as a side to the main story mode.
  • Artifacts– As you play through the main story, you’ll collect artifacts displayed here!
  • Puzzles– Just as the tab states, more puzzles for the player to enjoy as they create their world!
  • Tournaments-Battle online with friends/others to test your skill in the game!
  • Encyclopedia– Here you can acquire any unknown knowledge you wish to possess about the game!

Doodle God


For the majority, this game is extremely fluid, simple, and fun. It is the perfect game for the casual gamer to pass the time with, picking it up for ten minutes at a time. There is enough of a multiplayer feature to satisfy players who wish to play with their friends, as well tons of single player action. The one major downside to the game, however, is that it is the type of game only to be played once. When a player completes the Main Game in Single Player mode, it is likely the player will not need to return back to the game again, lest to play with some friends. But, if you are looking for a simple and enjoyable game to pass the time with, or have an appreciated love for some science and the elements (like I do), then this game is for you!

If interested, check out the trailer here!



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