Diablo 3 Brings Female Necromancer to the Field!

Following PAX East weekend, Blizzard has just announced news of the “Female Necromancer” coming soon to Diablo 3! That being said, DKCGaming is here to provide some more information about just what this chilling new character is able to do, and how she compares to the male Necromancer announced back at Blizzcon last year.


While at PAX East, we were able to have a hands on demo experience of the female Necromancer in the flesh, and she made quite the bloody impression. Like her male counterpart, the female Necromancer is a summoner who feeds upon the blood and bones harvested from her enemies. As a commander of the battlefield, she can reanimate the torn carcasses to use to her advantage, even making these corpses explode! Although, don’t let that make you think the necromancer stands to the side and lets her minions do all the work- the female necromancer is equipped with quite a few tricks up her sleeve to find herself right in the midst of battle! Those abilities include:

Grim Scythe:

The Grim Scythe is a staple; use a huge scythe and swing a large, wide arc to damage enemies and restore Essence to your character! What’s better is- more than one enemy can be affected by the scythe! Aim to hit as many enemies as possible with the scythe for the best effect!

Diablo 3

Blood Nova:

Honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying than this move. Blood Nova causes a powerful tidal wave of blood to drown your opponents, causing massive damage. This of course, comes with a price. The more you use the move, the more of your own life force you lose. Luckily there are some other abilities to help with this problem!


Devour allows you to consume corpses to instantly restore Essence to refill on all your skills! Gotta quench your thirst someway, right?

Blood Golem:

Not only does the Blood Golem give a bit of nostalgia from Diablo II, but it proves to be a pretty cool asset. The Golem can fight beside you and do decent damage, or can be sacrificed to give you health when you’re in a pinch.

Diablo 3

Blood Rush:

Blood Rush is an exhilarating move. Caught yourself in a bind and need a quick escape? Well- shed your mortal skin and pass through solid objects to reach a new spot! Boom! Close call averted!


Similar to Devour, Leech is a way to regain energy. This ability places a curse down on the field; affected enemies will help restore energy. The developers made it a point to mention this move will also regain allies’ energy as well, so there’s potential for the Necromancer to have a more supporting role than what we have seen so far!

Overall, the female Necromancer seems like a solid build. Her mechanics were fluid to play, and each hit against the enemies was extremely satisfying. The Developing Team seems focused on fleshing out the character as much as possible, and it is definitely showing. The Necromancers are also planned to play a larger role in the lore, and they’ve been equipped with full on voice acting from seen gameplay. Time will tell if we’ll get more information regarding upcoming skills and abilities.

Interested in everything you’ve heard so far? Great! Get your hands on this gal in the Rise of the Necromancer Pack– including the character, in game pet, cosmetic wings, two character slots, two stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. There’s no official release date for the pack, but look out for the upcoming release on PC, PS4, and XBOX One!





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