Crunchyroll and FUNimation Band Together!!

You’ve heard it here folks! Two of the biggest companies in anime licencing have joined forces! No longer must you spend time wondering if your favorite title will ever receive a dub, or if a show on Crunchyroll will ever be available on FUNimation’s site. Now, this partnership allows FUNimation to handle all of the dubbing on shows Crunchyroll had the license to, and all subtitled anime from FUNimation can be found on the Crunchyroll site.

“For subtitled viewing, you’ll be able to go to Crunchyroll – in fact, we’ve already started putting some of our subtitled shows up on their service today, and we will be adding more over the weeks to come. For English dubs, you’ll continue to get those from Funimation – we will have select shows from Crunchyroll’s catalog up on FunimationNow coming soon, and we will be creating new dubs for even more shows in the future!”

crunchy and funi

In addition, FUNimation plans to release new titles for the upcoming Fall 2016 season of anime. Plus, they are working out a system to make FUNimationNow (FUNimation’s streaming service) available at a much cheaper price. As an avid anime fan, it truly pleases me to see my two favorite licensing companies working together instead of trying to run the other out of business. Will this new partnership will bring in more supporters in the future, especially since many fans had complained about paying for all these extra services they didn’t desire? Time will tell!  Fans that wish to watch anime subbed can do so through Crunchyroll, and those that adore dubs can enjoy FUNimation. It’s a win for everybody!

What do you guys think about this new development? Are you guys a dub or sub fan? Let’s start a discussion below!



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