Clustertruck Now Available! [Steam/PS4]

The world’s most chaotic physics truckformer [Clustertruck] is out now on Steam and PS4!


A little chaos never hurt anyone. After all, entropy is a natural part of the universe! All right, enough of the science lesson. Let’s get down to business. Are you the type to like quick paced, parkour styled madness? Maybe? Well, hear me out ;).

tinyBuild’s newest game-Clustertruck- is an incredibly fun and hilarious game. Remember playing “the floor is lava” as a child? Take that concept, add jumping across speeding trucks, and behold the entirety of this game! Play tons of different, unique levels that involve quick thinking and reflexes. As you go through the game you’ll be able to attain power ups to add more creativity into the mix. Interested? The game is available on PS4 and Steam for the price of $14.99.


Interested, but don’t have the cash? There’s one more option! tinyBuild is giving away a free steam key of the game! Just retweet and like their tweet on the game, and follow them for a chance to win!

Thanks for reading. Let us know in the comments if you end up purchasing it!



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