Circles- Review

Part of what makes the Gaming Industry so unique is the multiple purposes a game can serve. While many video games are often for the enjoyment of players, others are made as a form of artistic expression or as an experiment to push the boundaries of what “normal” gaming is. Better yet, many video games have begun to merge these topics, creating innovative, interactive, and artistic games for players to enjoy. Recently, Illusive Games has just launched their newest game “Circles“. Circles uses a simplistic, artistic gameplay style to immerse players in numerous puzzles, all without saying a single word and allowing the players to uncover for themselves the inner workings of the game mechanics. With just a mouse and a pair of eyes, tons of challenges await the player.



Circles Game Features:

  • 90+ levels
  • 4 unique modes for replayibility
  • Based completely on mouse controls                                                                          
  • Unique and intuitive gameplay
  • Accessible to anyone
  • Atmospheric and interactive music
  • Abstract and minimal
  • Lots of circles
  • No randomness, You are in full control
  • No text

Overall Likes and Dislikes:


The Good: There’s no doubt creating a directionless, wordless puzzle game is an artistic risk. When done right, it’s an enjoyable, intuitive experience anyone can enjoy. If done wrong, however, the game can come off as messy and difficult to play. Fortunately, Circles is very user friendly and easy to understand as you play. Initially I was skeptical of a wordless game, but I was truly impressed by the nature of the controls and the satisfaction in figuring out the puzzles. The color scheme of the game also pops, a really nice touch for a simplistic styled game such as this. The music is fitting, and the many levels allows for hours of gameplay!

The Bad: Every game has it’s quirks. Even so, the negatives about Circles is ultimately subjective to each player’s preference. For me, a potential problem for the game I see is that at it’s core it is very simple. Gamers who are expecting complex mechanics and rage inducing puzzles will be disappointed. Circles is directed for the casual gamer and players who are looking to pick up something to play in short bursts at a time (Granted, it is still absolutely true a player of any age will still find enjoyment in the game, and it is more so a question of niche than age group). That being said, it feels as though this game would excel as a mobile game, with similar concepts to apps like “Flow”. There isn’t anything wrong with this game being on PC or being simple in design and interface, however, it may be a difficult sell on the same platform as other puzzle games such as Portal 2. The mobile market seems fitting for this type of game, but that isn’t to say it isn’t worth a try on PC.

Score: 7.8/10!

Overall, Circles provides hours of fun, solo puzzles which allow your mind to really lock down and decipher the mechanics not explicitly stated. There’s an indescribable satisfaction in debunking the puzzles with silence and poise, and it’s all just a fun experience. For those looking for unique, simplistic puzzles, definitely give the game a try! Circles is currently available on Steam for 8.99$ for PC.



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