Beautiful New Game “Make Sail” Reaches Goal!

In this day and age, video game graphics continue to grow closer to everyday reality. Wild, adventurous childhood games are almost within our real world. Although, sometimes it’s hard for indie developers to achieve quite that gorgeous level of graphics when they have to deal with a limited budget. The innovation is there, but the resources always seem to fall short. Despite this, some indie companies are able to overcome those very obstacles.  Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a quick look at Popcannibal’s latest project, “Make Sail”, and just how beautiful they are really able to “make it”. (I know, awful pun; but I had to).

make sail-img-5


So, What’s Going On?

With the help of a kickstarter that has officially reached it’s goal of raising 50K, “Make Sail” shows real promise in both graphics and innovative gameplay. “Make Sail” is a basic exploration game in premise: craft your very own type of boat starting with the most basic of supplies and survive until you are able to upgrade and explore unseen areas. The goal of Popcannibal is to bring together both professional game companies and indie games to bring the best of both worlds in gaming into one. By working with professional investors and casual gamers at the same time, a very balanced approach to game developing is reached. The Devs are working extremely hard to create a new game with a AAA game title look.  Interested? Be sure to check out some of the screenshots and the teaser provided below! Additionally, there are 13 days left if anyone is interested in backing the game! Although the game is fully funded, the reward tiers will be available until the kickstarter closes. Personally, I’m very intrigued to see the final outcome of this beautiful game!


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