Antlion Pro Gaming Uber-Wide Mousepad Review

Antlion Audio is a company that was founded on the ideals of delivering your own stellar voice communication devices and experiences with those devices. We at DKC Gaming discovered this first-hand through our review of the flexible ModMic 5 headset (click to read our review). But a wonderful unlocked secret not evidenced by the Antlion *Audio* name is that they also sell a variety of high quality accessories for most gaming needs. Today we take a look at the “Antlion Pro Gaming Uber-Wide Mousepad” to find out the goods and the bads of this product, specifically.

The Uber-Wide Mousepad is a 900mm wide smooth tracking surface for your mousing endeavors. 900mm = around 35.4 inches, or 2.95 feet. This means that it can cover most keyboard and mouse setups entirely, while ensuring that you most likely never run into the seams.

Uber-Wide Mousepad Goods and Bads

The Good – Isn’t it obvious? The first of several good things to say about this mouse pad is that it’s long. It’s length is perfect for the setup I’ve got, which is embarrassingly messy. I often joke that my computer desk is like a survival area because I keep so many doodads, knickknacks, and even food or medicines there from time-to-time. The Uber-Wide Mousepad from Antlion fits wonderfully in with my chaotic mess of a work-station.

I also appreciate the material that the mousepad’s surface is made from. Its surface is incredibly slick, but not in any extreme way. This expert craftsmanship even extends to the outer edges of the Uber-Wide Mousepad; stitching all along the edges prevents it from fraying and it’s all perfectly hidden from view.

The Bad – There really isn’t much “bad” to be said about the Uber-Wide Mousepad from Antlion Pro Gaming; finding flaws in the perfectly smooth mousepad of just the right length becomes a foray into nitpicking or just looking *too hard* for problems. I suppose having it be just completely black is making dust and certain uncleanliness around my desk more apparent… yeah, that’s really the only complaint here. Or perhaps if you prefer more graphics or designs on your mouse pad in general, this isn’t going to wow you. It’s literally just an all-black pad with the Antlion logo and text in the bottom-right corner.


This sleek piece of pad gets a 9 out of 10! The wonderful craftsmanship and perfection of it all really makes it an amazing mouse pad for any gaming (or non-gaming alike) set-up. I’ve seen some people go nuts over exclusive PubG wide mouse pads, or other hard-to-get designs, so obviously this mouse pad being solely black will disappoint those who really value having their favorite graphics on the pad. But for the rest, purchase the Uber-Wide Mousepad directly from Antlion here, or find out where to purchase various products from the team at this link –



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