In the past two weeks, Bloody Technology sent DKCGaming a copy of their ZL50 Sniper Laser Gaming Mouseand I had the pleasure of testing this mouse to see just what types of features this mouse brings to the market. When it comes to modern gaming, having a mouse that will aid you in quick response and dexterity is key. That being said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and see what this mouse can do!

Bloody Technology

About Bloody:

For those unaware of Bloody Technology, Bloody is the product of Taiwanese company A4Tech, a company that has been well established since 1987. Bloody itself was established in 2012 in order to add new, innovative gaming mice to the market. Some of Bloody’s achievements, as listed on their official website, include:

  •        The first Multi-Core gaming mouse  
  •        X’Glide Metal Armor Boot
  •        Bloody software with multicore design
  •        Advanced Weapon Tuning
  •        Trajectory adjustment

Bloody Mouse

Mouse Features:Bloody Mouse Features


  • Advanced 4-Core System
  • Left Clicks with 4 Modes
  • X-Glide Metal Mouse Feet
  • 7 Modes with LED Indicator
  • AVAGO A9800 Laser Sensor
  • Tracking Resolution of 100-8,200 CPI Adjustable
  • Image Processing of 10.8 Mega Pixels/sec
  • 30g Acceleration
  • Tracking Speed of 150 inches/sec
  • Response Rate of 125-1000 Hz/sec




Overall Likes and Dislikes:

Likes– The quality of the mouse is definitely outstanding, especially with the amount of features presented. The mouse is suited for all types of gaming experiences, and it’s quick response time allows for players to have the upper hand when working with a FPS or fast-paced game. The numerous buttons on the side of the mouse are placed in a convenient and comfortable spot- an extra thought appreciated by the consumer. The price of the mouse is justified by the numerous features and quality of manufacture. I especially am a fan of the metal boot present on the bottom of the mouse, allowing for smooth movement and a sturdier build. Aesthetically, the mouse is pleasing to the eye and really has a “Bloody” feel to it. Plus, the LED lights are always a nice touch.

Dislikes- When it comes to dislikes in regards to this mouse, most of the negatives are subjective to the consumer and not an attack on the manufactures or designers. Personally, I found the mouse’s overall shape to be a little too wide for my tastes, but that may be just due to my personal preference of owning a sleeker mouse. To those that prefer a wide mouse, then there is nothing to worry about! For those that prefer a sleeker, thinner mouse, however, this model may not be the one for you. Additionally, the mouse is extremely sensitive. Now, while that in many cases is a good thing, it was a little too sensitive (even after adjusting all sensitivity settings) for my enjoyment. The mouse worked perfectly, but I constantly found myself opening new tabs on webpages or clicking on advertisements by mistake due to the mouse’s extreme sensitivity. Sometimes I even found myself moving just out of range of a killing shot in TF2 due to an accidental push of the mouse too soon. Aside from those two issues, the mouse is an overall great buy!

Bloody ZL5 Side View

Score: 8/10!

If you are looking for a great quality gaming mouse that will help all your FPS needs, then this is the mouse for you! Aside from the mouse being a little wide and sensitive, the overall features of the mouse outweigh any of the criticisms presented. When it comes down to it, your personal preference will really seal the deal as to whether or not this mouse will answer all your gaming dreams. I will say though, for a mouse competing with popular brands like Razer or Logitech, there is definitely potential for this mouse to keep up with the standards presented in the top brands.





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  • November 16, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    This is by far the worst review that I have ever seen. No real test, no test on different surfaces. Or any tracking test or even the software testing. Just you basically talking about the mouse. This just boils down to your opinion and nothing more.

    • Dr.Kendo
      November 21, 2016 at 3:44 pm

      Hello, friend. I expect that you’re leaving these remarks on comments sections for many other sites that have also reviewed this same mouse? You’ll see that the elements you’ve noted are also absent from their reviews as well.
      The very nature of a review always requires an educated opinion after using the game or product, which we believe we have in our review of this mouse. We’re very sorry that there was not a test of multiple different surfaces and number crunching (much of that is done by Bloody/A4Tech themselves) for you, but that might perhaps be more suited for a very tech-heavy website, rather than one focuses mostly on gaming news & reviews.
      Good day.

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