12 Games Of Christmas: MUST Plays for Gamers of 2015!

Ah Christmas; a time of happiness, thankfulness, giving, and appreciation. Of course, it is also a time people of all ages love to take that time off work or school to try out new video games! Unlike DKCGaming Editors  Dr.Kendo and JoMoDo, whose 12 Games Of Christmas article focuses on 12 of the most memorable, praise worthy games(make sure to check their lists out too!), I will be taking a different approach in describing my 12 Games Of Christmas. Instead, I will be giving my 12 games as a recommendation to anyone who may be out of the loop and want to enter the gaming community as 2015 comes to a close. Although these 12 games are not necessarily my favorite 12 games of all time, every game on my list has a redeeming quality that should be experienced by any type of gamer entering the community. Additionally, not all of these games were released in 2015, but one of the qualifications in order to make it on this list was being relatively easy to get your hands on for people living in 2015. So, see a game you like on this list? You’ll be able to find it and play it (mostly) instantly with purchase! Now, let’s get started!

#12: Splatoon







#11: The Wolf Among Us

Wolf Among Us






#10: Team Fortress 2







#9: Skyrim











#8: Portal 2

Portal 2










#7: Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Smash Bros Wii U






#6: Rocket League

Rocket League






#5: The Last Of Us

Last Of Us







#4: The Witch’s House

Witch's House






#3: Minecraft







#2: Undertale








And last but not least…


#1: Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon X/Y






Now, I know many of you are wondering, why Pokemon? and better yet, why is X/Y the number one contender out of all the amazing Pokemon games to exist? Well, there are many reasons I put X/Y in this very spot. Firstly, it is unavoidable to say that Pokemon is my absolute favorite franchise: I love story of the game, the attachment you have with the Pokemon you make on your journey, and the overall replay value of the games. Now, X/Y stands out among all the Pokemon games because it was revolutionary in concept: the game contains all Pokemon from Generations 1-6, and incorporates what has never been done previously in a Pokemon game: 3D graphics. X/Y was so well executed, not only did I, a veteran Pokemon fan enjoy the game, but it was a perfect format for friends who had never played a Pokemon game previously. The whole basis of this list was to have games that new gamers could pick up and enjoy, and there was no better game from the Pokemon Franchise that could do so. Pokemon X/Y still stands as one of my favorite games of all time, and definitely one of my favorites to introduce friends to.

Have your own favorite 12 Games Of Christmas? Be sure to leave a comment, and check out JoMoDo’s and Dr.Kendo’s articles!




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